"An important tool in every pastor's 'toolbox' for ministry to his/her members should be a well trained, Christ focused, professional therapist to refer persons to when the issues at hand seem to lean that way. I have personally referred a number of our Bermudian members to New Beginnings and do not hesitate for a moment to recommend them to you. You will find a 'partner' in ministry who will make a difference in persons' lives."

- Pastor Larry M. Dentler
Bermudian Church of the Brethren, East Berlin PA

"New Beginnings Therapy Services is a God-ordained, Spirit-anointed ministry of healing, restoration and reconciliation.  I trust them with the people I pastor."

- Pastor Bayse "Bud" Reedy
Stillmeadow Church of the Nazarene, York PA


“Comfortable, Peaceful, Honest, Trustworthy.  My experience at New Beginnings has been a blessing.  God's Holy Spirit clearly guides them and allows me to share very deep and personal topics with absolutely no fear of my anonymity being broken.  The wise counsel I have received at New Beginnings has allowed me to grow in love and faith and has helped me truly believe who I am in Christ.  Accepted, Secure and Significant!  We always pray at the end of our sessions and that gives me a sense of peace, strength and hope.  I leave with the courage to move forward with confidence!  Praise be to God for this ministry!” - A.R.

“After 25 years of marriage and two kids, I was ready to call it quits.  The legal papers were filed and I was already living in my own apartment.  The divorce seemed imminent.  In an attempt to appease my soon-to-be ex-wife, I agreed to participate in some one-on-one and couples counseling at New Beginnings.  Through the use of journaling exercises, scripture and book reading, and wrestling with the blunt honest truth during the counseling sessions, I saw through my misconceptions, reigned in my testosterone-fueled ego, and saw reality for what it truly was.  I am excited to announce we are back together again and our marriage is better than ever.  We just celebrated our 27th anniversary and we are looking forward rather than backward.  Thank you New Beginnings for helping us avoid Permanent Endings!” - K.B.


"My husband and I met almost five years ago.  We both had a history of drug and alcohol abuse in our past and a history of unhealthy relationships.  We had a really rough start to our relationship. We knew we loved each other and wanted to be together, but we had no idea how to do that in a healthy way. We went to church one Sunday morning and Burdette was filling in for the lead pastor that day.  He had let everyone know he was a counselor at New Beginnings and he specialized in relationship/family counseling.  He preached on relationships and what it took to be in a healthy relationship.   Whatever he said really hit home with my, then boyfriend, because he came to me two days later and said he was calling Burdette to get some counseling.  I was shocked because that was out of character for him.  He started seeing Burdette on a regular basis.  After a few weeks of him just seeing Burdette we started doing couples counseling.  Burdette helped our relationship and helped us separately; we had more issues than we thought we had.  We had a bunch of junk from our past that was blocking us from knowing God’s love for us, living a happy life and being able to have a healthy relationship.  From the beginning, Burdette showed us patience (we were back and forth all the time), love, and God’s love for us.  We always knew that he genuinely cared about us and wanted to help us, that’s why we continued to see him. He showed us and taught us how to love ourselves, love God, accept God’s love, and how to love each other in a healthy way.  He gave us many tools to use in our relationship and we still use them today, except now it is just natural.   Our lives have been completely changed since seeking counseling with him.  We know God sent him into our lives to help us and we are forever grateful for him helping us, loving us, and never giving up on us.  When my husband and I decided to get married, we did our marriage prep/counseling with him and we also asked him to marry us.  It meant so much for us to have him marry us, since we know he is the one who helped us get to that point in our relationship." - A.H.


“About 12 years ago I was living in a black hole.  I had just gone through a divorce, my brother had committed suicide, I quit a good job as an assistant principal, sold a house that I had built and loved, and then my dad died of old age.  I knew I needed help and New Beginnings was recommended to me. Through Godly counsel and guidance, I began to recover.  During this period my therapist gave me advice about my behavioral struggles, and most importantly, suggestions to embrace both Jesus and life.  About five years later I started dating again.  I was divorced twice before so I was scared.  I told my therapist that I did not want to repeat my past performance. Our therapist met with both of us weekly and counseled and tested us for compatibility.  The result, I have now been happily married for almost 6 years and know for the first time that with Christ at the center of our marriage, nothing will separate us.” - J.R.

"I went to New Beginnings to please my wife; to save our failing marriage. I really wasn't at the point of really wanting to try, but we went anyway. I pretty much just sat there and said "I don't know" to every question. Well, without me trying, nothing was going to work, and my therapist wasn't afraid to tell me that. Shortly after that my wife and I separated. Depression set in and I even contemplated suicide. Soon I realized I needed help and decided to call New Beginnings. I schedule an appointment for myself. (I think my therapist was surprised to hear from me.) I decided to work on myself, so maybe someday I could get my wife and family back, if they would have me. My therapist helped me to identify and explain my behaviors, not excuse them. Soon after, I gave my life to the Lord and things fell right into place. My marriage has been restored, my family back together, freedom from addictions and behaviors that controlled my life. I thank New Beginnings for being so instrumental in my reconciliation. I give God all the glory because without him this could have never happened." - S.H.