There are some forms to complete before you begin your counseling sessions.  You have a few options in completing these forms:

  1. You can download, print, complete and email the forms to us in advance.
  2. After downloading and completing the forms simply bring them with you to the first session.
  3. You can come to your first session about 20 minutes early to complete the forms we have for you in the waiting room.

(The following forms are in pdf format and require AdobeReader to open.)

Forms Needed

Information & Policies 

One signed form per therapy party.

Informed Consent Contract

One completed form per therapy party.

Individual Concerns Sheet

Each person (14 and older) participating in therapy must complete this form.

Information & Policies:
Each person participating in therapy should be familiar with the information and policies on this sheet.  One adult must sign and date one form representing all family members participating in therapy.  Please keep a copy of this form for your records.  If you have any questions about the information and policies of New Beginnings please ask your therapist at the beginning of your first session.

Informed Consent Contract:
One adult representing your party needs to complete this form.  Each person participating in therapy must sign this form.

Individual Concerns Intake:
Each person (14 and older) participating in therapy must complete this form.  Please note that this form consists of two pages.